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Stay one step ahead of hackers

Data points are private and they need to be protected. Every year companies lose billions of dollars due to attacks, malware and viruses targeted at them.  

Data Encryption

At UPWeb 2.0 we make sure every connection A to B, every file transferred and every transaction made is encrypted within the company network.


Your website/app/project will be constantly looked over and protected by our security team for the whole duration of the contract. Issues will be fixed, and reported in real-time.

Security Reporting

This action is performed by our CyberTeam. UPWeb 2.0 makes sure that customers/clients are aware of every aspect of what goes on in their projects in real-time. 

99% Uptime

Server uptime is the total duration for which a server is fully functional and running. It is a metric used to denote the performance of a server. Server uptime is monitored and measured by server monitoring tools. At UPWeb 2.0 we ensure you a minimum of 99% uptime.

0% Successful attacks per year

Our CyberTeam works 24/7 and our monitoring tools alert us in case of any issue in real-time so we can act immediately, localize the issue, and take measures. After every action, a document is compiled and sent to customers/clients after the issue is resolved explaining what happened and how it was fixed.

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UPWeb 2.0

We are proud of our progress

450 +

Completed Projects

Over the course of the last two years we have managed to successfully complete over 450 projects.


Active Clients

Our overall client number is over 200, but 42 of them are still active with us. Monthly maintenance, social media management or major active projects.

100 %

24/7 Support

Our rating is impeccable. We have always been able to perform great service to our clients, and therefore they have chosen to come back to us every time.

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