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What is incident responding?

UPWeb 2.0 has automated every aspect of security. No more waiting for the IT guy to scan for viruses and remove them. Now we respond at the very second that the issue happens. 

Constant Scanning

One way that we always stay ahead of hackers and attacks is constant scanning. If we are able to localize the issue immediately, we can fix it faster and keep the uptime percentage over 99%.

Take full control of your project

At UPWeb 2.0 we make sure that you are updated with every aspect of what happens with your project. All you have to do is log into your project/portal/app/website and real-time metrics will be available for access 24/7

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UPWeb 2.0

We are proud of our progress

450 +

Completed Projects

Over the course of the last two years we have managed to successfully complete over 450 projects.


Active Clients

Our overall client number is over 200, but 42 of them are still active with us. Monthly maintenance, social media management or major active projects.

100 %

24/7 Support

Our rating is impeccable. We have always been able to perform great service to our clients, and therefore they have chosen to come back to us every time.

Start Your Project with Us

Whatever your goal or project size we will handel it utilize standards compliant. We hope you will be 100% satisfied.

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