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What is Asset Digitalization?

What is Asset Digitalization?

Asset digitalization is getting full control and ownership of your projects. For example, if you have a website, that we created, you control ownership of the design that it has, meaning that if another person/company copies your website design and only changes the texts, they will be forced to shut down their website. So basically, it’s about making sure that what you have in ownership is completely unique, and authentic and no one else can have it.

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Creating an account

Creating an account

You can get in contact with our main team, and they will create the account for you. Keep in mind that all consulting meetings are FREE, so if you are asked for payments you are not talking to the UPWeb sales team. After the free consulting is done then you can decide weather you would like to continue with this service, and select a package.

Security Features
New Contracts : Explained.

New Contracts : Explained.

UPWeb 2.0 now comes with the new contract methods. You are now in complete control of the future of your project.

Contract Types

1. One Time Fee

  • In this type of contract you only pay once in the beginning, the full design/programming fee, plus choose your maintenance plan afterwards.
  • Asset digitalization will be extra in this plan.

2. Percentage Partnership

You can start your project for FREE! We cover every cost, host+domain, web design, application, marketing and promotions. In return, based on a schedule, we get to keep 10% of every order made using the website that we created for you.

https://upweb.host/pricing/Asset digitalization comes with the maintenance package in this plan. Check the Pricing here.

New Contracts

Gain ownership of your assets

Take full control of your products and projects and make sure that everything that you own is unique and authentic